Mechanical Engineer

Los Angeles, CA

Radiant Industries is an El Segundo, CA-based startup developing Kaleidos, a portable, containerized nuclear microreactor. Portable nuclear power with rapid deploy capability can replace diesel generators used today to provide critical asset support for hospitals, datacenters, and military bases or to power microgrids at remote sites. Radiant’s unique practical approach to nuclear development utilizes modern software engineering to rapidly achieve safe, factory-constructable microreactors leveraging existing, well-qualified materials.

Radiant partners with multiple national laboratories and universities and has won awards from the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.  With this outside support and our unique engineering approach, we are on a fast track to demonstrate the first fueled operation of a new commercial nuclear reactor design in the digital era, just 4 years from today.

Radiant is seeking a talented engineer to own mechanical design of major Kaleidos reactor systems and components. Radiant is a startup, with ample opportunity to own both responsibility and authority while gaining experience rapidly in many design areas. The ideal candidate is interested in the mission of bringing new nuclear to fueled testing and in leadership as the team grows. Our engineering process relies on a multidisciplinary approach by interaction with software, electrical, fluids, and nuclear teams.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Engineering ownership of Mechanical Design, examples:
    • Reactor Core Pressure Vessel design per Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC)
    • Reactor Internal Components
      • Neutron Moderator, Neutron Reflectors, and Neutron Absorber Components
      • Reactivity Control Drums and Control Drum Supports
      • Hot Output Plenum
      • Core Supports
      • Radiative Heat Transfer Shrouds
    • Pressure Vessel Passive Cooling System
    • Pressure Vessel Radiation Shielding and Pressure Vessel Thermal Insulation.
    • Fluid Power and Electrical system components, structural mounts
    • Transportation and Assembly tooling
  • Conduct structural analysis for the purposes of sizing and margin verification.
  • Develop and execute manufacturing, assembly, and test plans.
  • Create and manage a Bill-Of-Materials (BOM).
    • Find and develop suppliers for all components.
    • Own subassembly design, manufacturing, and test schedules.
  • Own risk analysis (FMEA) for subsystems
  • Collect requirements, provide expertise and feedback to engineers in other functional areas via clear, constructive communication.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience designing hardware that was manufactured, deployed, and iteratively improved.
  • Full lifecycle engineering ownership of at least one complex subassembly (could be combined experience from multiple subassemblies):
    • Stakeholder identification, requirements definition, concept development, sizing, detail design, engineering drawing creation, risk analysis, supplier development, schedule and cost ownership, hands-on prototype assembly, performance test execution, troubleshooting, and rapid iteration.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage deliverables
    • Accurate projection of cost and schedule for complex subassemblies
    • Able to identify and manage project critical path
  • Solid first-principles analysis skillset
    • Proficiency with both “hand calc” analytical methods and higher fidelity Finite Element based analysis methods. Track record of appropriate fidelity selection, based on engineering questions to be answered.
    • Able to efficiently and accurately derive free-body diagram-based models and control volume-based models for systems with which one was not previously familiar.
  • Ability to relocate to Radiant’s office in El Segundo, CA (Greater Los Angeles Area).
  • Ability to work or gain permission to work on export - controlled technologies based in the United States.
  • At least 2 years’ experience using thermal / structural Finite Element Model (FEM) packages: NASTRAN, ANSYS, ABAQUS, or similar in the context of product design.
    • Experience with static linear and non-linear material solutions, large deformation non-linear geometry solutions, stiffness and stability solutions, transient solutions, multi-step solutions, modal solutions, and random vibe solutions. Experience with a
    • Effective model complexity management for rapid iteration, without sacrifice in fidelity.
    • Able to validate results against known analytical solutions.
  • At least 1 year of software development experience
    • C, C++, or Python development experience is preferred, as these languages are supported natively within Radiant’s HIL(Hardware-In-the-Loop) simulation framework.
    • Prior use of code repositories, unit testing, performance benchmarking, and software review / release processes. Familiarity with good documentation practices and implementation of style guidelines.

Required Qualifications & Skills

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, physics, or similar field from an accredited institution

Desired Qualifications & Skills


Stock: Substantial incentive stock plan for all salaried employees

Medical: 100% up to base silver level plan for employee + 50% dependents, offers up to Platinum plans.

Vision: 100% coverage + 50% for dependents

Dental: 100% coverage, orthodontia extra, 50% for dependents

Voluntary Life, Accident, Hospital, Critical Illness, Commuter and FSA are offered as employee contributed benefits.

Vacation/Sick time