Internship - All Disciplines

El Segundo, CA

Radiant is a nuclear technology company developing Kaleidos, a 1.2 MWe portable nuclear microreactor. Based in El Segundo, CA and made up of engineers from the Naval Reactors Program, national labs, and SpaceX, Radiant’s product is meant to offer a viable zero-emissions option for power in remote locations and as a backup for critical resources. Our reactors are designed to be factory produced and operated as a fleet, enabling the lowest operating costs and deployment timelines. The safety and reliability of Kaleidos will be demonstrated through a full-scale prototype on a 5-year development timeline – faster than any modern competing design. Radiant partners with many national laboratories and universities to advise on computational modeling, hardware development, and regulatory interaction that supports the fast-paced in-house design. Radiant is funded by awards from the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense as well as venture capital investment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Seeking highly motivated, team-oriented interns with good communications skills in mechanical, nuclear, fluids, materials, electrical engineering, or computer science backgrounds
  • Own a design project in a cross-disciplinary team developing and building:
    • Primary and secondary cooling loops
    • Structures and mechanisms of the reactor including control drums and actuators, plenums, vessels, shields and enclosures among others
    • Reactor core neutronics, mechanical, and fluids design and modeling
    • Real-time plant physics simulations spanning all disciplines
    • Power electronics, instrumentation, and controls systems.
  • Be on site at Radiant’s office in El Segundo, CA

Required Qualifications & Skills

  • Junior or higher in a Bachelor's degree program in a related field
  • Understand physics fundamentals relevant to your discipline: neutron transport, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electronics
  • Familiarity with code: reading syntax, object-oriented programming principles
  • Hands-on project experience

Desired Qualifications & Skills

  • Senior or Advanced Degree student
  • Analysis experience in Monte Carlo neutron transport codes: Serpent, MCNP
  • MOOSE framework and applications: BISON, RELAP-7, THM, SAM
  • Reactor design optimization on neutron and gamma shielding, fuel patterns, hydride
  • Coursework or project experience designing heat engines, fluid loops, mechanical structures, actuator, seals, vibration
  • FEMAP/NASTRAN, ANSYS, Cubit, Siemens NX, and Teamcenter
  • Specific programming languages: Python, C#, C++
  • Embedded electronics and automation

Summer 2022 Internships are Closed